General Motors

Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
This week's theme photo has an old time truck. How about some old time cars? I'm not sure what make and model these old timers are but maybe some of you all now.

I entitled this post General Motors but these cars may not be of General Motor variety. The general in this photo is the hotel in the background. It's the General Wolfe Tavern named for a famous general of the British Army - Major General James Wolfe.

Wolfe was responsible for defeating and eliminating the French forces from Canada during what we here call the French and Indian War or the Seven Years War. Wolfe became known as the Conqueror of Canada in his victory on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. It was unfortunate that he was mortally wounded and perished on that battlefield. His heroism was remembered here in the states not only in the name of this tavern but his name was given to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, America's first summer resort.

The Wolfe Tavern lasted until the 1950's, (yes the name was kept even through the Revolutionary War)  when it was torn down and replaced by a gas station. The lot is now parking for the Newburyport Public Library.
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Wendy said…
Are these some kind of special cars? They seem to have some sort of sticks to prop the roofs up. Were all convertibles like this and I just never noticed?
Peter said…
Another piece of history learned! Never heard of Wolfe before.
Bob Scotney said…
General Wolfe and the Heights of Abraham are bits of history that I remember. Those old cars have a superb style, Fune postcard.
Postcardy said…
It's hard to identify old cars because there were so many different types, most of which didn't last very long.
What a great postcard. In this case, they really did pave "paradise" and put up a parking lot. I had never heard of General Wolfe before either.

Thanks for the interesting history lesson!

Kathy M.
21 Wits said…
I never know what the names of those cars are, but I know they are very interesting to look at! You always have something new to share for us. Nice old building too!
Alan Burnett said…
A great card Doug, and you know my weakness for pictures of old taverns.

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