Kilts, Kilts, and More Kilts

If you haven't seen enough kilts by now take a gander at this. This long photo is from my grandfather's World War I regiment. He was part of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. His unit was the 236th Battalion from New Brunswick, Canada which was absorbed into the 20th C.E.F. They were more famously known as Mclean's Kilties named for their regimental commander and man they were proud of their kilts!

Mclean's Kilties of New Brunswick Canada
Click on the pic it's worth it to see the detail

My grandfather, is standing in the front row of Company C, behind and slightly to the right of his company commander Lt. Col. Percy Guthrie.

I have blogged about his photo before so I won't expound about it here. I you wish to read more detail in how I scanned this photo and some interesting facts about it click here. It was a fun project.

So there you have it, more kilts than one wishes to see! To find more kilts (a theme) there are many more at Sepia Saturday, just click here.

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