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Snow Rose

Snow Rose Salem, Massachusetts The Thursday Challenge this week was "red." I'd say this was an easy one. This was shot December 2012 after a few last warm days, a few blossoms, then a light snow. They were the last blossoms of the season. To find many more photos in red click here to go to the Thursday Challenge.  Related articlesIce LoveThursday Challenge - Best of 2012The True Patriot's DayBaby Photo Shoot

Fast Motion Snow Storm

IT would be great to have a storm go as fast as this one. It least the misery would be over quickly!

The True Patriot's Day

Originally posted February 26, 2012

Patriot's Day commemorates the revolutionary Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 17th. It is not a federal holiday but rather a state holiday here in Massachusetts and Maine. (Maine was once a district of Massachusetts)

We learned in American history that this was the first conflict of the revolution and that the gunfire was known as "the shot that was heard around the world," a line taken from Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem, "Concord Hymn." It may not have been the first conflict but it certainly it was the first one with multiple and fatal causalities.

But on Sunday, February 26, 1775 another conflict was in progress. By then the colonists where already having "illegal" town meetings and stockpiling weapons and ammunition against the King's orders. On February 7th the military governor of Massachusetts, a General Thomas Gage declared the commonwealth to be in a high state of rebellion.

The people of Salem …

Ice Love

Ice Love
"Salem's So Sweet" Winter Fest Salem, Massachusetts

Every year Salem hosts this event which is centered around the Valentine's Day and the sweet things the local restaurants an candy shops produce. The featured ice sculptures are some of this year's more notable selections and with a link to previous year's sculptures. Thanks for browsing! Related articlesSnowboundClock Face ObsuraSweet Ice

Court Shadows

Court Shadows Salem Superior Court 64 Federal Street Salem, Massachusetts

Every Sunday we feature a shadow shot. For more shadow shots click here for Shadow Shot Sunday.  Related articlesBaby Photo ShootSnowboundFrom Beach to City

Baby Photo Shoot

This week we have an iconic family portrait that serves as a prompt for our Sepia Saturday post. It shows a father, mother and son. I would estimate from the clothing worn the photo was shot in the 1920's.
This photo I found in one of my mom's albums shot in the mid 1950's shows herself, my dad, myself and my big sister. It looks as though I'm not being to cooperative with the photographer. It must have been my grandfather shooting that photo. Grampie was not known for his patience and perhaps my father set the camera to auto. Dad was a photographer and had a pretty nice camera as I recall although I don't remember the make and model.
I was probably staring off at my beloved grandmother and she was probably trying to get my attention toward the camera. You know how those baby photo shoots go! Fine many more family photo shoots at Sepia Saturday by clicking here. Related articlesThat Sneaky TortoiseSelf PortraitThursday Challenge - Best of 20124th of July Photo Sho…

Self Portrait

Self Portrait Salem, Massachusetts
The Thursday challenge this week is "photography." I found this shot of a very large Christmas ornament that shows me taking its photo. How's that for completing this challenge? For many more photographic challenges click here for Thursday Challenge.
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Basketball Baby

alternate logo 1998–present
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Looks like the Boston Celtics could use this guy this season. lol

Shadows in Deep Freeze

Healing Gardens
Lynn Union Hospital
Lynn, Massachusetts

Every Sunday we feature shadow shots. To find many more high quality shadow shots click here for Shadow Shot Sunday
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That Sneaky Tortoise

I've always been intrigued with this sculpture in Copley Square of Boston, Massachusetts. It's a highly attractive bronze art piece consisting of Aesop's Fable - The Tortoise and the Hare.

The sculpture was commissioned to commemorate the Boston Marathon, it's finish line not to far from this location on Boylston Street.

The two animals are popular for photo shoots. Almost everyone in the square has to have a photo shot with or on top of both of them. Copley Square is an amazing place to photograph as there are a number of significant architectural designs in a small space.
Sepia Saturday is a weekly feature here at Crazy as a Cool Fox. This photo was sepiaized and not an an authentic sepia photo. For more great Sepia Saturday posts click here.

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Clock Face Obscura

Clock Face Obsura
Essex Street, Salem, Masssachusetts

Thursday Challenge appears weekly here. The challenge this week is something round. I found this photo I shot recently after a blizzard. It's an old downtown department store clock. The store is now gone, but the clock still functions. What time do you suppose it is?

For more great Thursday Challenge photos click here.
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Happy Valentine's Day

Heart of Stone
Phillips Beach
Swampscott, Massachusetts