Baby Photo Shoot

This week we have an iconic family portrait that serves as a prompt for our Sepia Saturday post. It shows a father, mother and son. I would estimate from the clothing worn the photo was shot in the 1920's.

This photo I found in one of my mom's albums shot in the mid 1950's shows herself, my dad, myself and my big sister. It looks as though I'm not being to cooperative with the photographer. It must have been my grandfather shooting that photo. Grampie was not known for his patience and perhaps my father set the camera to auto. Dad was a photographer and had a pretty nice camera as I recall although I don't remember the make and model.

I was probably staring off at my beloved grandmother and she was probably trying to get my attention toward the camera. You know how those baby photo shoots go!
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
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Boobook said…
I used to have a fringe cut like your sisters in the 1950s. It looks like she enjoyed having a baby brother.
tony said…
Ready To Fly Out Of Her Arms!
Bob Scotney said…
Boys will be boys; quite a handful - already!
Kathy H said…
What fun to look at babies in photos and imagine what the rest of the subjects must have been thinking!
Wendy said…
Yeah, you look like you wanted to be elsewhere, or maybe there was a cookie in the offering.
You look like a wiggle worm. Nice family shot. Did your Dad have a hole in the knee of his pants? If so, that might be a clue that it was an impromptu auto shot.
Postcardy said…
Probably nobody realized what you would look like in the photo until the film was processed and it was too late.
I can just feel having a baby on my lap and her not cooperating at all - nothing is worse when you're trying to have a picture taken. But then when you see the results, they're pretty cute. You were a very cute baby, wiggling or not.
Sharon said…
What a lovely looking family, even if you are not co-operating. You father is very handsome.
What a great photo! You are so cute ... well, everybody is.

Kathy M.
Kathy said…
You may have been moving about, but at least you weren't crying. We have so many pictures of our crying children you'd think we'd been awful to them.
Alan Burnett said…
Ah you were a cute little chap. You were probably thinking "I don't want to become a sepia memory just yet, let me out of here"
Trying to get everyone in a family group to smile, and sit just so, just when you want them to is an eternal challenge:-)
DougVernX said…
Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments! :)

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