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Chimney Shadows

Chimney Shadows Salem Maritime National Historic Site Salem, Massachusetts

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Coffee With a Ghost

Let's meet here for coffee some evening. The Sepia Saturday prompt shows two gentlemen meeting for coffee at a coffee shop. I would imagine they would serve us coffee as well as something like rum to add to it at the Moses Brown Pub in the basement.

This building has a lot of rich history attached to it. Sometimes with all that history there has to be a ghost or two attached to it. As we sip our coffee we won't be alone. Apparitions have been know to hang out late at night sometimes showing themselves in a shadowy alcove.
The Brown Square Hotel is now the Garrison Inn still in business. It is named for the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison who's statue is found in front on the square.
The original owner Moses Brown was said to be an eccentric himself. Originally a carriage maker and into real estate, he imported sugar and molasses and became one of the richest men in the city by making rum.
But ask a Newburyport native and you’ll find that room 408 is said to be haunted…

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle
Custom House - 1819 Salem, Massachusetts
This Thursday Challenge is to shoot a photo that represents "rich." What's any richer than a golden eagle? And this Custom House would have brought in a lot of revenue for the government in it's day. For many more rich photos click here. It will take you to Thursday Challenge. Related articlesThursday Challenge - Best of 2012Clock Face ObsuraSelf PortraitGolden Eagles and Free Coffee!

The Sound of Odors

I've been to Deer Island to walk the nature trails that encompass this facility. There are interesting sounds on the outside as well as a few whiffs of a curious odor. Surprisingly there isn't as much odor as one would think. I would imagine it's location right on the ocean allows most of it to dissipate quickly.

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Beach Self Shadow

Beach Self Shadow
Philips Beach
Swampscott, Massachusetts

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Thoroughfare to Eternity

The Sepia Saturday prompt shows the annual blossoming of cherry trees in Washington DC. A long procession of blossoms is how the deceased sees their last trip to the hereafter at this cemetery.
Etta's message to her sister Hattie has two oddities. First her message is about train departures from Newburyport to a West K. (West Kennebunk, Maine) Yet her sister lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Perhaps they have relatives in West K?
The rail line in Newburyport is Boston & Maine's eastern branch to Maine and West K. was a stop on that line. The rail line is Haverhill is Boston & Maine's western branch to Maine and West K. could have been reached with a transfer as the two lines cris-crossed. Today the eastern branch is non existent north of Newburyport. The western branch still exists and is used by Amtrak's scenic Downeaster rail service.
That  other oddity? In 1914 Etta used a postcard of a scenic drive in a cemetery. It's a beautiful card undoubtedly, or …

Green Time

Green Time Ropes Mansion Gardens Salem, Massachusetts

Thursday Challenge is a weekly feature. This week's challenge is "green." To find many more Thursday Challenge photos click here.

Henri Peddles Friskies - Part 2

Oh the drama!

Anchor Shadows

Anchor Shadows
Philips Beach Swampscott, Massachusetts

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Missing: One Merry-Go-Round

I spy a round table in this week's Sepia Saturday prompt. So here is my take on something round:
What was the first amusement park ride you can remember? It was this very carousel that I can remember. This ride was known as the Flying Horses located at Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts.
And those horses did fly. I can remember my father holding me on the horse as we went round and round. They went up and down by a gear system that was connected to the main drive. This ride even had a brass ring free ride feature!
Although the history on this is vague, it's legend is that it was originally from the famed Coney Island in New York City. It arrived in Salisbury in the early 1900's and was around to give me a few laughs in the 1950's.
The Flying Horses were sold in the 1970's and shipped to Sea Side Park in San Diego were it gave many other children with their own first amusement ride memory
In 2004 in was sold again at action. Whereabouts unknown...

For many more well round…