Missing: One Merry-Go-Round

I spy a round table in this week's Sepia Saturday prompt. So here is my take on something round:

What was the first amusement park ride you can remember? It was this very carousel that I can remember. This ride was known as the Flying Horses located at Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts.

And those horses did fly. I can remember my father holding me on the horse as we went round and round. They went up and down by a gear system that was connected to the main drive. This ride even had a brass ring free ride feature!

Although the history on this is vague, it's legend is that it was originally from the famed Coney Island in New York City. It arrived in Salisbury in the early 1900's and was around to give me a few laughs in the 1950's.

The Flying Horses were sold in the 1970's and shipped to Sea Side Park in San Diego were it gave many other children with their own first amusement ride memory

In 2004 in was sold again at action. Whereabouts unknown...

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Brett Payne said…
But where are the flying horses? Well, I guess they must be inside the round building, but it's unlike any carousel ride that I've ever seen. What an interesting postcard, thanks for sharing it.
Bob Scotney said…
I know exactly what you mean, Doug. It's a ride I always remember.

By the way wnem I come to your blog via the Sepian Saturday link there is ne way I can leave a comment. I have got here via Google+
Postcardy said…
I seem to remember reading that carousel horses were often sold off individually to collectors.

I often have trouble accessing the comments on this blog, but I didn't have trouble today.
DougVernX said…
Sorry many of u are having problems accessing the comments. This problem has been off and on for a while now. Thanks to all who comment. And thanks to all who go theough G Plus the get a comment on my blog. Your efforts are appreciated! :)
Alan Burnett said…
I have a photo of my as a child on one of these kind of rides - now where the heck is it!
Wendy said…
Now there's a clever twist! I love to ride a merry-go-round.
21 Wits said…
I very much like your (spying) of something round!

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