Mother of All Mothers

Mother of All Mothers
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
This week's Thursday Challenge is "mother." I shot this photo just as the sun was peeking over the crown. The photo is a bit grainy as it was one of the last photos I shot with film. It's a scan of the original.

Mary: Queen of the Universe is located in East Boston, Massachusetts. This 35 foot tall copper and bronze sculpture of the Madonna overlooks Boston and Logan Airport. It is known as the tallest statue of the Holy Mother in America. It is a replica of the Madonna on Monte Mario in Rome. The sculpture, Arrigo Minerbi did created her in gratitude to the Catholic Church who protected him and his family from the Nazis during World War II.

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Neeraj said…
Very nice picture!
The sun rising above the crown is sort of the "crowing moment".

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