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Doggy Slide

Perhaps there is a need for a new business. Anyone want to go to the doggy water park? lol
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Shadow Wall

Shadow Wall
Lynn Union Hospital
Lynn, Massachusetts
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Public Reading Can Be Tiring

Sorry to have been tardy with this post this week... I was a bit sleepy. Do you suppose this guy ever knew his photo was being shot?
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Airways to Railways

Airways to Railways Salem Depot Salem, Massachusetts This railway purchased the trademark and all rights to the Pan Am name when the airline went bankrupt at a bargain price from what I understand. It still looks silly to see an the old airliner's logo and name on a locomotive.
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Happy Birthday Dogs

They should hire these guys out for birthdays :)
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Lonesome Shadows

Lonesome Shadows Greenlawn Cemetery Salem, Massachusetts For many more shadow shots click here.
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A Lion's Lament

These lions, on the right, were once found in front of the old Hotel Kensington in Boston, They seem to be the perfect guards as guests checked in for a stay. From the looks of the top photo it must have been a swanky place as one woman leaving the hotel is dressed in a fur coat. In the distance of the first photo is the Old South Church with it's ornate tower.
Lions seem to be the theme around Copley Square as there are two huge lions, carved by St. Gaudens, inside the public library just across the street. Those lions guard Boston's memorial to Civil War casualties.
The Hotel Kensington is no longer there. It was demolished and replaced with modern architecture. The new building's nickname is the Darth Vader building after it's color and shape.
The Kensington lions have a new location. Ironically they have the same job and are only one block away. They are now guarding the main entrance to the Fairmont Copley Plaza as you can see in the bottom photo.
So why are thos…

Cold Koi

Cold Koi Lynn Union Hospital Lynn, Massachusetts Koi "chill" under the reflection of a few trees in the Healing Garden of Lynn Union Hospital. They will stay in this chilly water all winter even when it freezes over. The current of the stream keeps it from freezing completely solid. Even though they are fed daily by hospital security staff they will feed off the bottom algae when they stream freezes over.
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