Elephant Walk

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt reminded me of a circus train. The only circus train I know of is the Barnum and Baileys and Ringling Brothers train that comes to the TD Boston Garden arena every year.
Circus comes to town - elephants on Atlantic Ave.
The train does not stay at the "Garden" as it is a busy commuter rail station. It simply unloads most of the gear. The train is then backed into Cambridge. The larger animals such as the elephants can't be unloaded right at the "Garden" due to their sizes so they are unloaded back in Cambridge. They are then walked through the streets of Cambridge and Boston, to the delight of hundreds of children(young and old), to proceed up the elephant ramp into the Garden.

Circus comes to town. Elephants on parade.
Now just imagine driving through Cambridge, coming upon a traffic jam and wondering what has caused it. Suddenly you see a slow moving parade of elephants and other large elephants. Now that's a traffic jam for which I would not mind waiting.

The video below is approximately 8 minutes long but due to its cuteness factor it is certainly worth it! :)


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