Playground at the Beach

The Sepia Saturday prompt shows several children having fun hanging on a railing at what looks like a park. Perhaps it's a playground? Well here's a playground at the beach!
Children's Playground, Hampton Beach, N.H.
Photo: Boston Public Library - Flickr
It seems unusual to have a playground at the beach. Aren't the waves, sand and water enough to keep one occupied? I can remember this playground when I was a child. We took a June field trip from kindergarten to play here. The old playground still exists. It's been through a few updates over the years but it's still there entertaining thousands of children every summer.

More photos can be found at Sepia Saturday by clicking here.


Alan Burnett said…
Lovely card : there is a pleasing simplicity about the scene.
Little Nell said…
What fun: a playground AND the seaside!
Doug Peabody said…
It is very nice there in the summer. Thanks Nell!
diane b said…
It is good to hear that the playground is still there. It must bring back nice memories for you.

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