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Colonial Shadows

Colonial Shadows Meeting House at Rebecca Nurse Homestead Danvers, Massachusetts

Posted for Shadow Shot Sunday
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Tunnel for Trains

This week the Sepia Saturday prompt looks like some caves in the side of a mountain. I couldn't find any caves in my postcard collection but I found these cards showing a short train tunnel. Both postcard views show the same tunnel under the very busy High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. One photo is shot from the south looking north and the other is shot from the north looking south.

The second photo shows a track splitting off to the right. That track would have gone to the round house in Newburyport. Looking through the tunnel in the second photo one would have seen the depot that serviced Newburyport.

At some point, as you can see by the current photo, the tunnel was widened to provide for double track configuration. And as you can see, this portion of the once active Boston & Maineright-of-way is now a very active rail trail.

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Rose's Roses

Rose's Roses
Rose Kennedy Rose Garden at Christopher Columbus Park
Boston, Massachusetts

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Surfer Dude Dog

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Shadow of Knowledge

Shadow of Knowledge Marian Court College Swampscott, Massachusetts

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Donkey Rides

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt reminded me of one of our posts from three years ago. It's not a photo of a man riding a horse but one of a donkey riding a man. It's a hilarious sight indeed.

I found this photo in a bunch of emails my brother-in-law forwards over to me. It was part of a power point slide presentation. I have no clue what that presentation was for but it has some very eerie music played on a tin whistle, and begins with a photo of the Russian Army, the last Tsar of Russia, his wife, and son. There must be 50 old photos in the presentation so you all are in for some more from that collection. The photos are from around the early 1900's to the 1940's.

This photo looks like it is a soldier walking through a field. It seems there are two other soldiers in the background, one with a gun. But why is this soldier carrying this donkey? Shouldn't it be the other way around? At the very least that donkey should be carrying some of those soldiers supplies…