Yearbook Photos

You're all in for a treat here. The Sepia Saturday prompt this week shows what I believe is a class photo or a yearbook photo. She is dressed very elegantly and posed from waist up.

These three photos are three generations of my family on my father's side. My grandfather, father, and myself respectively. My mother had kept very accurate albums of the family and provided the dates photos were taken as told to her.

All photos were taken at the age of 18 during their respective senior year's.

Edward - 1912
Ipswich High School
Robert - 1935
Ipswich High School
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Boobook said…
Look at Edward's high collar!!
Bob Scotney said…
I bet you were glad you did not have to wear a collar like Edward's.
21 Wits said…
I do like that collar, but I wouldn't want to wear it on my neck! This was a treat, thanks !
Postcardy said…
I am wondering whether the date on Robert is correct. Only 13 years after his father, but 47 years before his son?
Kristin said…
If that prompt is a year book photo from 1850, that must have been some yearbook! Edward on top is wearing a collar that reminds me of Louise's collar in my photo.
I am more interested in what your hair looked like a year after you left school in 1973. You have wavy hair, similar to mine, if allowed to grow outwards it becomes quite spectacular/outrageous as was mine for a short while as a student in '71, but maybe short came in again by '73, its hard to remember.
DougVernX said…
Thanks for catching that Postcardy! It was a typo on my part. Off by 10 years. :)
DougVernX said…
I hated my hair then. It was thick and bushy if left alone. I prefered to keep it short as it was much more managable. We didn't have all those fine hair products they have now. And of course I wish I had that hair back today! :) Thanks for the comment!
DougVernX said…
Thanks everyone for all the nice comment. That collar was a high one wasn't it!
Oh, high school photos. Right at the jumping off point when we think we know everything and truly know little. These were great to see.

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