Damsels Doing Damage

Well I found a photo that features women in armor. Seems that these women of the former Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Massachusetts were in a starring role in some medieval campus production in 1955.

Radcliffe was a women's "Harvard" before Harvard University went coed in the 1970's and took control of the Radcliffe campus.

The women having a little tussle aren't in full armor but atleast they have protective helmets. The gentleman running the camera is keeping a good distance which I'm sure is intentional. Are they fighting to protect their damsels in distress' virtue?

Photo: Boston Public Library - Flickr
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21 Wits said…
An amazing photo, they are dressed to the max!
Brett Payne said…
Those helmets look very Ned Kelly-ish.
Unknown said…
I expect the Monty Python crew to jump in!
How funny. The maids do look on the verge of distress.

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