Free Postage?

Here's a question: If one goes to the post office to mail a postcard of a post office is the postage free? Maybe it should be. It's free publicity for the postal system. Plus the postage was only 1¢ back then. Can you image an answer?

I couldn't find anything to match the Sepia Saturday prompt this week. The closest thing to those old books in the prompt photo, in my postcard collection, is this postcard of a post office in Newburyport. A post office after all deals with volumes of paper, right?
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
 Alice's correspondence to Lois of Orange, Massachusetts is in the neatest of script and mailed in the autumn of 1938. There was a major hurricane that swept through New England that September and this is what she may have been referring to. I have transposed her words for you so you all won't strain your necks looking sideways to read it.

Thursday Evening
Dear Lois
Sent you a letter this A.M., but that I'd follow it up with a card. Alice Williams called on me in the forenoon. She is campaigning for the Rep. Committee. Her mother hasn't been quite as well the past few days. Had a letter from Aunt Martha. She wondered whether you are safe. They escaped all harm. We've been to Haverhill today. May go to Salem tomorrow if fair. Harold brought some peaches last Thurs. and I've canned 14 quarts cold pack. 
Write soon. Love, Alice
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The photo below is a Google Earth Street View image of the same location as it is presently. The postcard above was processed here. The building still houses Newburyport's post office.
Photo: Google Earth
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Brett Payne said…
It's good to see the building still being used for its original purpose. We have a post office building built around the same time as this one, I would guess, and it was refurbished a few years ago, but it hasn't been used as a post office for many years - it houses commercial offices.
21 Wits said…
That's amazing, it's like nothing changed, except for the roof a bit. Great building.
The Silver Fox said…
Great to see the "before and after" shots.
Joan said…
Such neat, precise handwritting. I'd crane my head 90 degrees anyday to read such loveely script.
Mike Brubaker said…
I've noticed that many people in the past sent postcards informing the recipient that a letter would follow. A kind of backup plan, as if they didn't trust the postman.

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