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Four Guys Shucking

The good folks at Sepia Saturday sometimes like to throw some of the most ambiguous photos at us to use as a weekly theme. This week shows three fine looking gentleman sitting, wearing suspenders, and reading a newspaper. One of them is holding a camera (see below) Looking through my postcard collection I found a card showing four fine "gentlemen" sitting, hard at work shucking clams.

The first postcard is of a group of "clam shanties or shacks." The City of Newburyport was once famous for the clams harvested from Joppa Flats which are just to the right in the postcard image. The flats are exposed at low tide. Because the flats produced thousands of bushels of clams per season they needed to have "clam shuckers" to process them. The shuckers worked out of these shacks. You can see a few of these crusty old salts in the second postcard.

To shuck a clam the shucker would insert a knife blade into the clam to cut the muscle the clam uses to hold the shell cl…

Fire Engine Red

Fire Engine Red Salem Fire Department - Engine 1 Salem, Massachusetts

This was posted for Thursday Challenge.
This week's challenge is "fire."
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Let Freedom Ring!

Today's celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's 50th anniversary of his "I have a dream" speech culminates with the ringing of bells nationwide at 3:00 PM EDT. I couldn't help but think of the pride this area has in its bells.

The Old South Meeting House on Washington Street in Boston will ring it's "new" Paul Revere bell at that time. The building lost its bell when the then Old South congregation packed up and everything including the bell and moved to their new gothic edifice in Copley Square.

 This left the "old" Old South without a bell until 2011 when a closed church in Westborough Massachusetts donated it's bell. The Old South gladly accepted this gift quickly as it is a bell from the Paul Revere Foundry. It was cast in 1801 before Revere died. There are only 46 such bells remaining found mostly in church steeples around New England.

The Old South Meeting House was were the Boston Tea Party was planned. Paul Revere the patriot…

Boston Cliff Diving: It Takes A Lot of Bull!

For the 3rd year in a row the Institute of Contemporary Art  in Boston hosted the Red Bull World Series of Cliff Diving. I would have to agree that even though cliff diving is a sport its a graceful art form as well.

Shadow Beneath the Bridge

Shadow Beneath the Bridge Zakim - Bunker Hill Bridge Charlestown, Massachusetts

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The Best Dressed Firefighters in the World

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt shows a group of people, actually only three. That still qualifies as a group, doesn't it?

Here we see a large group of well dressed firefighters from the turn of the 20th century. They are the Neptune Volunteers. Back in the day fires were fought by volunteers from your local area. These guys were situated in the "south end" of Newburyport, Massachusetts and thus turned out to help fight fires in that area of town when the alarm bell sounded.

 Their prized handtub is even pictured in the postcard photo. Many of the men are standing on it. It's still in use today, not for fighting fires, which would be rather pathetic, but for muster competitions with other old handtubs.
Did you notice the "trumpets" being held by some of the gentlemen? They were used to shout orders to the men manning the pumps and hose.
Those dress uniforms were quite ornate with lapels, brass buttons, large belt buckles and white gloves. They sure we…

Crazy as a Cool Goose

Crazy as a Cool Goose Marian Court College Swampscott, Massachusetts

These Canada Geese were trying to stay cool in the shade, while munching on the front  lawn of Marian Court College in Swampscott, Massachusetts. 
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Pets With Night Vision

Next they will be driving M1 tanks! :)

Shadows of the Court

Shadows of the Court
Courthouse Row
Federal Street
Salem, Massachusetts

Posted for Shadow Shot Sunday
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Picnic in the Park

Many people have had a picnic in this park. I believe I, myself, have had sandwiches, watermelon, and lemonade under the shade of the many old trees that are there now.

In this early photo you can see the gazebo, the Civil War memorial statue, a man standing under a tree and two ladies sitting on a park bench facing High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. I think either the man or the ladies could be waiting for the trolley that used to run the length of the city. The "Common" as it is called now is a source of city pride.  Many municipal events are held here each year. It's plesent place in the city at the beginning of High Street which sets the tone of peace for many a visitor. Recently many of the park's features were renovated and repaired. It's been made ready for many more generations of picnic goers for sandwiches and lemonade. The message for this card is very brief but don't you love the beautiful flowing script the writer uses on the address? St…