From a Bypass to a Bridge

Here we have a collage of the and now photos. The top photo shows the brand new downtown Newburyport bypass of US Route 1. When the national system of US routes was implemented in the 1920's Route 1 followed the old Newburyport Turnpike right through downtown Newburyport. This made for rather long 1920's versions of traffic jams on State Street  and Merrimac Street downtown. Something tells me those traffic jams were nothing that we experience here in eastern Massachusetts at the present time.

The older photo shows in the background the old "Green" bridge named for it's color. It crossed The Merrimack River to Salisbury. It's five spans, steel girder arches, and grated deck, whined as one drove the length. It was a gothic looking masterpiece in the city. When the green bridge outlived it's usefulness in the 1970's it was replaced with the graceful "flyover" style Gillis Bridge as can be seen in the lower photo. I have written about the green bridge in a post called "Bridge of Death."
Photo and Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
As you can see, the Route 1 bypass still exists with very few changes. Perhaps there are some new signs and guardrails. In places the old concrete is crumbling but still strong. The bridge in the foreground you see is Washington Street which provided access from the old train station to downtown. Both photos were shot from the High Street overpass.

This was posted for Sepia Saturday which can be found by clicking here. You will find many more blog posts there created with the prompt photo below. It shows an antique vehicle and there is an antique vehicle in my post! :)


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