Let Freedom Ring!

Today's celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's 50th anniversary of his "I have a dream" speech culminates with the ringing of bells nationwide at 3:00 PM EDT. I couldn't help but think of the pride this area has in its bells.

The Old South Meeting House on Washington Street in Boston will ring it's "new" Paul Revere bell at that time. The building lost its bell when the then Old South congregation packed up and everything including the bell and moved to their new gothic edifice in Copley Square.

 This left the "old" Old South without a bell until 2011 when a closed church in Westborough Massachusetts donated it's bell. The Old South gladly accepted this gift quickly as it is a bell from the Paul Revere Foundry. It was cast in 1801 before Revere died. There are only 46 such bells remaining found mostly in church steeples around New England.
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox

The Old South Meeting House was were the Boston Tea Party was planned. Paul Revere the patriot was part of many a debate on freedom that originated from it's sanctuary.

Today a bell that he personally cast will peel in unison with others throughout the nation in celebration of a great the orator Martin Luther King Jr. who brought many more citizens to liberty.

Salem too has it's own 1801 Paul Revere Bell. (right) Originally it rang from a church steeple in town but now it is proudly displayed in Armory Park in honor of all veterans.

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