Picnic in the Park

Many people have had a picnic in this park. I believe I, myself, have had sandwiches, watermelon, and lemonade under the shade of the many old trees that are there now.
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In this early photo you can see the gazebo, the Civil War memorial statue, a man standing under a tree and two ladies sitting on a park bench facing High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. I think either the man or the ladies could be waiting for the trolley that used to run the length of the city.
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The "Common" as it is called now is a source of city pride.  Many municipal events are held here each year. It's plesent place in the city at the beginning of High Street which sets the tone of peace for many a visitor.
Recently many of the park's features were renovated and repaired. It's been made ready for many more generations of picnic goers for sandwiches and lemonade.
The message for this card is very brief but don't you love the beautiful flowing script the writer uses on the address? Stunning... 

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This week's Sepia Saturday prompt shows some straw hatted ladies out on a leisurely picnic. Perhaps they were at Atkinson Common? For many more picnic in the park type posts click here for Sepia Saturday


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