The Best Dressed Firefighters in the World

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt shows a group of people, actually only three. That still qualifies as a group, doesn't it?

Here we see a large group of well dressed firefighters from the turn of the 20th century. They are the Neptune Volunteers. Back in the day fires were fought by volunteers from your local area. These guys were situated in the "south end" of Newburyport, Massachusetts and thus turned out to help fight fires in that area of town when the alarm bell sounded.
Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox

 Their prized handtub is even pictured in the postcard photo. Many of the men are standing on it. It's still in use today, not for fighting fires, which would be rather pathetic, but for muster competitions with other old handtubs.

Did you notice the "trumpets" being held by some of the gentlemen? They were used to shout orders to the men manning the pumps and hose.

Those dress uniforms were quite ornate with lapels, brass buttons, large belt buckles and white gloves. They sure were a proud band of volunteers when they turned out for parades I'm sure.

The photo below shows the Neptune Volunteers handtub on parade recently. The video below shows it in action at a muster this year right here in Salem, Massachusetts.

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This could have also worked for the "contraption" post we had recently. One has to admire those volunteers.
Other Mary said…
What a cool, old picture, and fun to see the modern day fire fighters. :o)
my daughter's boyfriend pumps for the Neptune Newbury, Ma! I was at the Salem muster in July and the Marblehead one on 18 August. My boyfriend pumped for Gerry 5 and Okies that day! Small world!
tony said…
Wow! Those Guys Look Splendid! It would almost be worth starting a fire just to watch them arrive to put it out!:)

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