Wintery Wharf

The image below looks as though there is ice in the embayment at old Derby Wharf in Salem, Massachusetts. That season is appropriate as my own photo shot almost in the same place is in wintery condition. I have actually seen the embayment frozen over solid. The National Park Service actually has to run a circulation pump near the "Friendship of Salem" to keep the hull from being entrapped and damaged by ice.

Photo: Salem Focus

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt shows a wharf, a ship, a windmill, and a lighthouse. In my photo there are three of those four. There is no windmill on Derby Wharf but there is a lighthouse on the end. If you look closely you will see a very short lighthouse under the bowsprit of the "Friendship." That light is a range light which was used in conjunction with another lighthouse for a ship to line up into the channel.

Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
(click to magnify)

The "warehouse" you see in the newer photo was rebuilt there by the National Park Service and used as an example of what one would see on the wharf during the busy days of shipping in Salem. This warehouse is a vintage 1800's building moved from the waterfront of nearby Marblehead.
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Brett Payne said…
Ships use similar markers to enter and successfully navigate the narrow nchannel into Tauranga Harbour. That ship reminds me of the replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour which sailed into out harbour about 12 years ago, and which I went aboard.
Alex Daw said…
Just love that colour photo and the very shot lighthouse. Well done. Great post!
21 Wits said…
It sure does appear to be ice. These are fabulous photos. The sea arrives in so many forms depending on the day, time of the season and the approaching gale!
DougVernX said…
Thanks everyone for your nice comments! :)I would love to visit your harbour someday Brett! :)
Boobook said…
Great photos - so interesting to see a frozen or snowy harbour. Doesn't happen here in Aus.
Jackie said…
This is my first time visiting sepia Saturday
The snow in your picture looks so lovely and cool and inviting while we are have a heat wave in the uk!
Love that tiny light house
Sharon said…
I cannot imagine snow at a wharf. You will find sea foam that may look like snow....but never our wharfs.

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