Fruitful Tree

Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
Recently I was asked for permission to use a photo I shot of the Endicott Pear Tree in Danvers, Massachusetts. That tree has survived countless major storms, frigid winters, and vandalism. It's so hardy it still bears fruit. The Endicott pear is the oldest known surviving fruit tree brought to the "New World," in 1630

My own post on that tree link is here.

The first two links below used my photo, gave me credit, and detail the history of the tree. The third link used the photo, with credit, in conjunction with an Arbor Day Foundation membership offer. The fourth link chose not to use my photo but ran a story on the tree. I found this interesting that the UK media was interested in what happened when someone took a pear tree from  England to New England.
Oklahoma City - City Sentinel


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