A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart
Old Burying Point
Salem, Massachusetts
Old Point Burying Ground Stone, Salem, Massachusetts
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
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This photo shows an ancient headstone at the Old Point Burying in Salem, Massachusetts. This is the oldest cemetery in the city. The two hearts shown are the infant children of Thomas and Mary Hould. Both children, Thomas and Elizabeth, perished in the month of August and both were 16 months old. Their deaths are separated by just three years. Living in the wilderness of eastern Massachusetts in the late 1600's must have been a difficult effort. This is truly a heart breaking tale.

But there is more to this heartbreak than meets the eye. If you look carefully there is what would have been a third heart just to the left of the middle. The old stone over the years was broken and a piece went missing. There must have been a third child lost to Thomas and Mary as they tried to make a living and life in a  harsh land.

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