A Little Theatre

Originally posted February 10, 2012.

This week's theme seems to revolve around acting. But this is a building surrounded by a porch with a big pile of sand in front of it, right?

Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
(click to magnify)

What I love about these old postcards is that one can discover a lot of detail.

Look closely. There is a rather large, well dressed crowd sitting in front of a stage. There is also what looks to be an awning over the crowd shielding them from the hot summer sun. A lady in white stands on the dune overlooking the performance.

On stage an actor or presenter is sitting at what seems to be a desk. Two lanterns protrude from the stage roof supports.

The wrap around porch of the pavilion must have been a cool place to stroll on steamy summer evening. A hammock hangs between two posts. A figure below the stairs on the left might be a worker caught when the camera shot this photo.

What this postcard doesn't show you is the amazing expansive view behind the stage, that of the Atlantic Ocean. How could one be attentive to the stage performance when nature's performance is in the background?

Can anyone spot the horse?

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