Best Thursday Challenge of 2013

This week we are being asked to choose our best Thursday Challenge post from 2013. This was originally posted April 2013 for the theme "blue."

I know what you're thinking... What does a horse and a hippie have to do with the color blue? This is me circa 1979. I'm at my friend Benji's farm...

I attended a small college called West Virginia Wesleyan in Buckhannon, West Virginia. I met Benji from a fraternity where we were members. Benji was a local student and lived at his parents farm outside of town. I lived on campus. We would occasionally go to his house for lunch or dinner. His mom was a great cook and always had plenty of food on hand for two hungry teens. One of our favorite activities was horseback riding on the trails around the farm.

Benji had to teach me how to ride and let me saddle up the mare you see in this photo. She was always so gentle for me being the novice I was. Every time we went horseback riding I choose her to ride. I think she chose me as well. She got to know me as well as I knew her. I always had a little snack for her.

Her name was Blue.

Posted for Thursday Challenge. This week's theme is "blue." If you are feeling blue, you will feel better if you check out a few more Theme Thursday posts by clicking here.


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