My Grandmother's Aprons

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"He was tied to his mother's apron strings." I'm sure you have all heard this phrase. To be honest, that phrase applied to me as a young boy. But it wasn't my mother's apron strings to which I was "attached,"  but to my grandmother's apron strings. To this day (and I was reminded of this at this year's Thanksgiving gathering) I am known as Grammie's little boy.
As a very young boy I was cared for by my grandmother during the daytime as my mother worked. Grammie always was cooking, and was at her happiest when she was cooking. She would always include me in her cooking especially when it came to preparing the dessert of the day.
She could cook a great meal and probably could put some of today's celebrated chefs to shame. Her head was full of recipes but when she needed a resource she would refer to the venerable "Betty Crocker Cookbook." That quick glance was all she needed.
Grammie never cooked without an apron. As you can see by the photos I found in our family albums she had one for every occasion. She even received aprons as gifts, some lovingly handmade, some bought at a fancy department store. Today when I cook I don't use an apron but I'll remember my grandmother's aprons when I find ingredients all over my clothing.
Just a side note here: Grammie was notorious for avoiding the camera. She was extremely camera shy. When she allowed her photo to be taken she had to be all prim and proper. If one of us were to sneak a candid shot of her, as most of these shots are, she had a look of surprise. What you don't see in these photos is the fist she would shake at the photographer after the flash went off. It was always good fun to tease her with the camera and she was always the good sport.
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