A Family Heirloom

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The prompt this week shows what looks like a family Bible with many family photos spilling forth. After giving some thought to this week's theme I chose and edited this post which I originally posted in April of 2011.

This is my sister's cookbook. It was given to her by my mother as a wedding gift in 1967. Both my mother and my grandmother both had earlier editions of the same cookbook which are now passed on to younger generations. Some of our storied family recipes got their start here, most of them modified to suit our taste.

As you can see it has been well used. The cover is about to fall off and it is tattered and torn here and there. As you leaf through the book there are stains of several ingredients from tried recipes in years gone by.

I personally consult Betty Crocker's cookbook via her internet site. Most of her recipes are exactly worded but some have been updated. One ingredient that is noticeably absent is Crisco shortening. Shortening is still mentioned but that brand name has been eliminated from the modern version.

Whenever  I speak to my sister about the ingredients in a particular dish she goes to this book first. "If it can't be found here it isn't worth eating," she will say a smile. To be fair she does have a collection of other cookbooks that she will reference from time to time.

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