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Steamer Katahdin II  and Twilight II - Moosehead Lake
Steamers Katahdin II and Twilight II - circa 1943
This week's Sepia Saturday prompt shows a rather long bus/limo being readied for a tour. I have a postcard here of an excursion steamer. Close enough!
The top photo shows the steamers Katahdin II and Twilight II at Shipyard Point on Moosehead Lake. The Twilight II lies on her side mostly and submerged due to the declining need for lake steamers. She was built in 1911 and sank at her mooring in February 1943.
The Katahdin II (floating) was christened in 1913. She has a steel hull which was fabricated at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. The pieces of the hull were then shipped in sections by rail to Greenville, where she was assembled. She remains the only Bath Iron Works ship not built in Bath.
The Katahdin II is 115 feet long with a 26 foot beam, 7.5 foot draft and had a large upright boiler. Later she was converted to diesel. Both steamers operated for passenger travel, hauled cargo, towed barges, and towed "rafts" of logs on Moosehead Lake. The Twilight II and the Katahdin II were part of  fleet of steamers owned by the Coburn Steamboat Company that all plied the waters of the lake.
Steamer Katahdin II - Moosehead Lake
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They were working boats as well as excursion boats. In the springtime when the ice went out of the lake it was the steamer's job to haul rafts of thousands of logs across the lake to the head of the Kennebec River. The logs would then be sluiced through the dam and "driven" downriver to awaiting paper mills. After the log drive was completed they ran excursions around the lake to resort hotels, camps, and farms. The Katahdin II , or "Kate," was part of the very last log drive in 1975.
As you can see by the bottom photo the Katahdin II, named for Maine's highest mountain, is still afloat and waiting for her next excursion upon Moosehead Lake. 
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