3 guys 1 dog and 1 Crazy Boat

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Photo: Boston Public Library

One never knows what one will find when doing a search on Flickr especially on the Boston Public Library archives. Wanting to match the Sepia Saturday prompt for this week (see below) I did a search for 3 men. There were many results ranging from three politicians to three baseball players at Fenway Park. But this image really caught my eye.

The three men are unidentified are not even from Boston. They are identified as being from Wareham which is near Cape Cod. It looks as though they are on a Fourth of July outing These guys are very well dressed and are navigating the waters in a curiously narrow vessel. I would think that thing would be somewhat tippy.

If you look carefully the frame that surrounds the gentlemen is part of the drive of the paddle wheel in the stern. A simple up and down motion on the frame would cause the wheel to turn. There is a wheel to steer in the bow and it looks as though they could even fly a jib from the bow mast.

Although the photo is undated the paddlewheeler is flying 45 star flags which were in use between 1896 and 1908. If that is the case this dates the photo to before the Oklahoma Territory was admitted to the Union.

A click here transports you on your paddlewheeler to see many more fine Sepia Saturday posts!

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