Horses in the Garden

A horse is a horse of course of course...
horse, plow, snow, statue, washington, mount, boston, public garden
Photo: Boston Public Library - Flickr

Unless of course it is a horse of bronze.
horse, statue, washington, mount, boston, public garden
Photo: Doug Peabody
Horses, they really had a tough time in years past as working animals. This poor horse, photographed in 1941, doesn't look to thrilled being out in the cold. At least his handler covered him with a blanket. I wonder what he is thinking as he passes the majestic statue of Washington at top his trusted steed Nelson.

You can find this statue in the Boston Public Garden. The bottom photo shows a different time, a different season, and a different angle. As you can see it is a spectacular park when in bloom.

As this park is a major link from Back Bay to Beacon Hill it has to be cleared each time it snows. Thankfully horses are no longer used to clear the pathways of the garden

Ride your horse through the garden over to Sepia Saturday to see what is happening over there.

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