A Scandal in the Courtyard

Missing in the first photo is a statue that was intended to be there all along. Considered scandalous by some in its time, the weathered bronze figure you see in the lower photo, was intended to be a gift from the architect McKim to the Boston Public Library in memory of his wife in 1896. Because the statue was of a nude figure holding an infant, The Woman's Christian Temperance Union caused a public outcry citing its "drunken indecency." The library had to refuse the gift, and McKim gave the statue to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It was later bequeathed to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

fountain, courtyard, boston public library, statue
Photo: Boston Public Library - Flickr

fountain, courtyard, boston public library, statue, bacchante and infant faun
Photo: Doug Peabody
The statue Bacchante and Infant Faun in the Boston Public Library courtyard is a copy of the original. She was finally placed where she was intended to be in 2000.  She seems to be blocking the sunlight from her eyes.

Posted for Sepia Saturday. For many more shadow shots click here for Sepia Saturday.

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