Kids on a Bed

Sometimes one has to go to the "archives" to fulfill the Sepia Saturday challenge. My sisters hate when I do that. But this one is a great match with the prompt this week.

brother, sister, baby, teddy, bear, stuffed animals, siblings, love
Photo: Doug Peabody
This is my older sister and younger sister with me on my bed. Yes, I'm that troubled middle child with the big smile, proud of his new little sister. I treasure this photo because it shows the close sibling bond the three of us had and continue to have to this day.

I also treasure this photo because it shows the stuffed animals I used to have. I can still clearly remember my favorite. It was the teddy bear in the upper right corner. I think I had him the longest of all my stuffed animals.

Everything I had, had to have the color red in it.  I loved that color so much. Looking through the old albums I am wearing a lot of red clothing! Notice the bright red blanket on my bed. It was my favorite blanket and I hated giving it up. Ironically, this early set of family photos where shot with slide film and have an aged tint of red now.

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