The Latest Fashions in Beach Wear

The latest fashions in beach wear 102 years ago that is!

Can you imagine going to the beach with a full length skirt and all the other accoutrements that women had to wear a century ago? (I'm not up on what women were wearing then) It must have been strifling sitting in the hot sun with that get up. I see some of the ladies have sun umbrella. Even men had to wear full length suits.

The card shows many people quite a distance out in the ocean. There is a sandbar off of Plum Island that is very tempting to wade out to at low tide. But when the tide comes in you better have some good swimming skills because there are some nasty under tows all along the island. It's best to leave the sand bars early, before the water rises, especially if you are swimming in a full suit of clothes.

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The back side of the card has a nice simple message:

Oct 29, 1912
Dear Florence,
Your letter came to-night - crossed my card.We will be glad to see you both Friday. Semard is "dressing up" to make a political speech at the *Republican rally.
With love, Morine

The card was postmarked one day later and most likely loaded on a northbound train. York Village, Maine, is located along the same rail line and is only 30 miles distant.

*The Republican candidate in 1912 was the incumbent William Howard Taft seeking a second term. He was defeated by the Democrat, Woodrow Wilson.

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