All Women and Children in the Frrrrrrrrrigid Water!

Perhaps this a message about the men of the day or perhaps it is not, but do any of you see any men in the water in this postcard photo?? I see many women with long frilly skirts and children on this sunny summer day on Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts.
cold, water, atlantic ocean, salisbury, massachusetts, postcard, women, children,
Postcard: Doug Peabody

I really can't blame the men at all for not being immersed in the salty brine for especially this time of year the water is frigid! The ocean is still acting like it is winter.  The waters here do not warm up to a tolerable temperature till later in August. The reason for this is a quirk in geography.

One would think that the further south in latitude the warmer the water, right?  After all there is that warm ocean current called the Gulf Stream carrying tropically warmed ocean water northerly, running parallel to the east coast of the United States.

Just have a look at a map of the State of Massachusetts below. Do you see the arm like peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic? That is Cape Cod, a famous summer season destination. The "cape" as it's called here acts like a huge wing dam pushing the Gulf Stream out to sea. What is left for those of us on the north shore of Massachusetts is chilly water for most of the summer.
cold, water, atlantic ocean, salisbury, massachusetts, postcard, women, children,

The women in the postcard view are probably well insulated with their heavy skirts and children are pretty much immune to cold water. I can remember myself as a child spending hours in the water so much that my mother has to insist that I sit out for a spell to warm up when I was shivering and my teeth were chattering. Later on when I became a lifeguard at the beach I dreaded having to go in the water for our morning workout session.

Even on the hottest of early summer days one is caught between the sweltering heat, the blistering sun and the icy chill of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. It's a freeze or fry situation.

On the rear side of the postcard the author has written the message upside down so I have transcribed it for you below to save you necks and sanity!

cold, water, atlantic ocean, salisbury, massachusetts, postcard, women, children,

To: Miss Beatrice Bolton, #701 Seventh St. So. Boston, Mass.

June 29, 1912
Dear Beatrice,
We are stopping at Salisbury Beach over Sunday as it is lovely down here. We returned from Me. (Maine) Thurs. were down there almost two weeks. Fannie graduated from the Academy, the exercises were very pretty. Hope this finds you well.

Postmark: July 1, 1912 5:00PM Newburyport, Mass - Cushing Br. (Cushing was another name for Salisbury Beach)

Have a cool and comfortable summer!

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