From Wedding Day to Silver Anniversary

This grainy photo shows my parents, Bob and Frances, wedding in 1951. They were leaving this quaint New England white clapboard church on their way to their honeymoon. The little church sits on the shore of Portsmouth Harbor which makes for a picturesque exit from the sanctuary.

wedding photo, kittery point, maine
Photo: Doug Peabody

Our parents always took us on road trips to Maine and would take a "short cut" (actually it was longer) to go by this pretty chapel. This isn't quite Westminster Abbey but I bet they had a similar feel to as William and Kate had as they exited the cathedral. Below is a photo of the 1st Congregational Church in Kittery Point, Maine as it stands today.

kittery point, maine ,church, congregational, ucc

Remember how the world waited for William and Kate's kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace? Well how is this for a royal kiss? This was my parents 25th wedding anniversary August 4, 1976.

kiss, 25th anniversary

My sisters and I planned this party and kept it a surprise for them. We had their very best friends, another couple Dick and Cookie, take them out to Sunday brunch. By the time they arrived home the field next to our house was filled with cars of family and friends. The house was filled with guests and decked out. My father wasn't one to make a big deal of things so this was the only way we could have gotten him to go along with this.

wedding cake, 25th wedding anniversary

When the party is at your own home I guess you can't avoid it.

25th wedding anniversary
Photos: CrazyasaCoolfox
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