Station Relocation

B&M passenger station, Salem, MA
Photo: New Youk Public Library Digital Gallery
This week's Sepia Saturday prompt features a train.
Here is a train from the dusty archives of Crazy as a Cool Fox.

The above photo is the old Salem, Massachusetts train station which was on the southern side of the downtown area. It is on the B&M (Boston and Maine) line from Boston to Portland, Maine.

The trains here drove right inside this station to load and unload passengers then continued up Washington Street. Yes it continued right on the street grade through downtown Salem, north to Maine. This made for for major traffic tie ups even in the age of horse and buggy which can be seen in the above photo. There were 6 street crossings in the downtown area. Trains, automobiles, and pedestrians don't mix very well. The line was later submerged below ground in a tunnel.

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Salem MBTA Station
Photo: Doug Peabody
(click to magnify)
The old station is gone now. After years of neglect it became an eyesore and beyond repair. It was demolished in the 1950's and replaced by a simple unsheltered open area outside he south portal of the tunnel. Later in the 1970's the station was again moved to outside the north portal of the tunnel with two simple canopies.

A new station/parking garage is currently being built. On the site to the right of the lower photograph. This area was once where one of the old B&M roundhouses stood. The new station will feature an enclosed and heated waiting area.

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