Four Generations

Our family photographer (my mother) always had to have a "generation" photo whenever she could. Most of those photos are of two or three generations but this photo was bonus for four generations! Rest assured her keen photographic eye is behind the lens of the camera that shot this. In it are from left to right: Arthur Peabody (great-grandfather) Robert Peabody (father) Edward Vernon Peabody (grandfather). That's me Douglas, Dougie or Doug, which ever you prefer, on my grandfather's lap. The occasion was my great-grandfather's 90th birthday party. Look how formally we dressed!

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Photo Credit: Frances Peabody
We always teased my mother about how long it took her to set up a shot. Of course in the days of film photography she was very frugal with her shots. Us kids would always fidget and say, "come on mom take the picture!" Nowadays whenever anyone in the family takes a long time to shoot a photo in tribute to her, we say,  "come on Frances, take the picture!"

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