Infusion Confusion

Yes this week's Sepia Saturday prompt is a bit confusing isn't it? We see (bottom photo) a boy dressed as a cowboy complete with chaps, bandana and a 10 gallon hat. He seems to have lassoed who I assume is his father around the neck. Dad seems to be holding the family pet, a cairn terrier. Hope that little guy doesn't pull that lasso to hard or he will wring dear old dad's neck.

So confusing is this photo prompt, that it brought to mind some confusion caught in a photo (below) from in my own childhood. Here we see, myself, my father, and my baby sister. I'm holding a hockey stick yet there are no skates or even ice to be seen. I am straddling my faithful Flexible Flyer ™ steel runner sled. I see plenty of snow, but no hill to slide upon.

winter, snow, flexible flyer, sled, hockey, ice, boxer, kids, father
Photo: Doug Peabody
My father seems to be multi-tasking, a term unheard of in the early 1960's. Around his neck is camera, he is holding Flash, my grandparent's boxer, and trying to get my sister to focus on a photographer. Busy man he was.

What a confusing time that must have been for everyone in that photo, but especially for me. I couldn't make up my mind whether to play hockey, go sledding or walk the dog. Come to think of it, I still walk around in a confused state lacking focus on one single activity. One thing I do know, all that infusion made for a great confusion in one photo.

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