Summertime Santa

Summertime Santa
Jefferson, New Hampshire

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Photo: Doug Peabody
Ever go to one of those off season santa's amusement park type places? This photo isn't sepia but it is old. It was shot on slide film and some of the colors had faded. Of course I doctored it up so that you wouldn't know it was circa 1962, unless I told you. I'm sitting right in the mitten covered hand of the giant snowman next to Santa Claus. I can remember thinking that santa doesn't wear glasses, but this one did.

My sister is sitting in the lap of an angel. Oh ,how appropriate, she was always daddy's little angel. (lol.) The other children in the photo are family friends that went along with us that day. The adults in the photo must be part of the cast at Santa's Village. The woman to the left is holding a "diploma" for graduating Santa School. If you look closely there is even a horse in the picture. What does a horse have to do with Christmas?

This Santa's Village, located in Jefferson, New Hampshire is still going strong. They are not only open in the summer but also have added fall and Christmas time hours since. They also have added all kinds of cool rides that weren't there when I was child. I'll have to go back to visit Santa, sit on the snowman's mitten and relive old memories. :)

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