Pottery Place

This old postcard circa 1945 caught my eye the other day. It fits in with this week's Sepia Saturday theme showing a pottery glass.

Evidently there was a huge market for pottery on the west coast USA. This roadside store was called The Pottery Shack in 1945. From what I can see in the postcard it is a rather large establishment. 

postcard, antique, pottery shack, laguna beach, california, pottery
Photo: Boston Public Library - Flickr
Another piece that caught my eye was the address. All my life I have lived just a few miles from US Route 1 in Massachusetts. Pottery Shack is situated on US Route 101 in 1945 just two blocks from the Pacific Ocean. The US Highway system was numbered with odd numbers for north / south roads beginning with US Route 1 paralleling the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast and ending with US Route 101 paralleling the west coast.

pottery place, laguna beach, california, pottery
Photo: Google Streetview
In the newer Google Streetview image we see that The Pottery Shack is still there with a slight name change to "Pottery Place." There doesn't seem to be much pottery displayed outdoors in the newer image. Perhaps trust in passersby isn't what it used to be in the 40's. There has also been a slight name change to the address. So. Coast Blvd. is now South Coast Highway. The State of California has taken over maintenance for the highway now. The US Route 101 designation has been dropped and replaced with State Route 1.

Can you see some of the original buildings?


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