Sweetheart Sweet Hearts

Sweetheart Sweet Hearts

The Sweetheart Restaurant building was built in 1914 and many consider it the gateway to Shelburne Falls. After the scenic Mohawk Trail highway was built and began attracting tourists, Alice Brown thought motorists would be interested in local maple sugar if it was attractively marketed. She poured maple sugar into heart-shaped molds and named the candy “Maple Sweethearts,” according to “The History and Tradition of Shelburne, Massachusetts.” The maple hearts went on sale in 1916 and were a roadside treat. Later, seating and more foods were added to the menu of what became the “Sweetheart Tea House.”

Sweetheart Restaurant, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, valentines day, postcard
Postcard: Doug Peabody
The building grew in size as its public popularity grew, reaching its peak in the 1930s. In 2005 after years of neglect the "Sweetheart" was purchased by a group that wanted to have a tea room and tap room. That deal fell through. After a few more years of neglect there is hope for the "Sweetheart." Plans are underway to convert it into a regional center for the arts. It will be a nice place for lovers of the arts to go!
Sweetheart Restaurant, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, valentines day
Photo: Google Streetview
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