To Boldly Go...

To Boldly Go...
R.I.P. Spock

Everyone who grew up in the Boston area and attended the Museum of Science's Omni Theater knew actor Leonard Nimoy from a very special role: he did the voiceover for the introduction to every movie presented there. The audio and video introduction explained various features of how the Omnimax theatre and sounds system worked. Nimoy was the voice of the film because, as he says in his signature baritone, “I grew up three blocks from here!”

Nimoy died on Friday, February 27, 2015, from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at age 83.

If you have a good sound system attached to your device, crank it up because this is an amazing demonstration of the theater's sound production as well as some comic relief from Nimoy.

After a demonstration of the “omnistorm” where sounds and lights would shoot from every angle of the theater, a short film called The New England Time Capsule played. The essence of New England…is in the way we look at things,” Nimoy explains as footage of a helicopter over Boston, a pitch from Roger Clemens at Fenway Park, and traffic on the Central Artery played on the screen.
Going to see a movie at the Omnimax was and still is huge treat, and the introduction and the short film were my favorite part. It seemed very special that this famous actor with this big, booming voice was talking about growing up in Boston. For so many people who sat in those super-sloped Omni Theater seats, Nimoy’s voice was the soundtrack to these moments of wonder about science and the world around us.

The following clip from "The New England Time Capsule" looks a bit distorted. That is because it was produced to be projected upon the curved dome screen of the Omni Theater. If you are familiar the Boston of today you will notice that since 1986 there have been many changes. See if you can spot them.

Live Long and Prosper

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy
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