High Clown

High Clown.
Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts

See that clown sitting on top of that carousel roof? That was one of the creepiest clowns of my childhood.

Salisbury Beach Postcard, clown, ocean, amusements
Postcard: Doug Peabody

He is sitting in the midst of an amusement pavilion called Ocean Park. In the old post card photo it looks as though Ocean Park offered quite a bit of amusement.

That clown for me wasn't amusement however. That clown's head slowly turned back and forth in an appoxiamtely 90° arc. All day and all night that clown's head would swivel slowly and creepily to and fro.

Somewhere in the early 1970's the mechanism that caused his head to move failed and he was stuck looking toward the right. He lasted that way until 1978 when during a blizzard that whole amusement area was whipped away.
Photo: Google Streetview

Ocean Park was replaced by a bland building sitting upon steel stilts. And as you can see, that creepy clown was never replaced. Good riddance!

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