One Wild Ride

Sepia Saturday's prompt this week has three cues I am using. Safety and danger the other is on the rails.

Look how dangerous it is to be riding that train below. If you ever wanted to take a "bone shaking" ride on a train , you can still ride this one. You almost feel it watching the short video below.

The Mount Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire is the first "cog" style railroad in the world having taken its first paying customer in 1868. It is one adventurous ride. Since the sepia photo below was shot, the passenger cars and locomotives have had many  improvements.

The cars are now enclosed and everyone has a  seat. As you can see in the photo and in the video, there are actually people standing up on the "Jacob's Ladder" grade which tops out at 37°.

Nowadays the engines are much stronger safer and cleaner as they are using biodiesel fuel instead of coal fired steam engines. They did keep two steam engines which make special trips up the mountain for nostalgia.

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