Reversed Card

This week for Sepia Saturday I am using a "Reversed Card." The prompt shows a postcard and mentions something about a reverse situation, so I think I've covered the bases.

What's very interesting here is the short message written by Mary in 1909. She seems to be writing to a friend that lives about 20 miles from her residence. Do you detect a bit of frustration and sarcasm in her message? I gather her friend hasn't replied to a previous message prompting such a tone.
"Perhaps you remember spending a vacation here. Doesn't it look natural? Suppose you write a letter to me so that I can see if your writing looks natural. Love from Mary."
The front of the postcard features a hotel on the ocean on an island not to far from Mary's place of residence. Perhaps these two gals had a great time the past summer spending days on the beach and listening to bands on the deck of the hotel.

I hope Mary received her response from Mrs. Plummer in a timely manner and that they had many other fun summer vacations at the island hotel.
postcard, reverse, sarcasm

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