Tiny Tunnel

Does this short hole in the ground really qualify as a tunnel? It's more like a roadway bridge. I found these postcards in my collection to use as a match to this week's Sepia Saturday prompt. (see below)

This postcard shows the B&M (Boston & Maine) railroad tunnel under High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. The view is looking south toward Boston and toward the round house which was just past the tunnel.

Railroad Tunnel, Newburyport, Massachusetts

The postcard below is of the same tunnel just looking north toward Maine and toward the passenger station in Newburyport. Notice the two dapper gentlemen posing in front of their shack. Presumably they were switch tenders awaiting orders for the switch in the foreground. 

Railroad Tunnel, Newburyport, Massachusetts

At some point the tunnel deemed a bottleneck, was widened to service two sets of tracks: one for northbound trains and one for southbound trains. 

In 1965 the tracks north of Newburyport were abandoned and left to grow over. Just recently the rail line was converted to a rail trail providing recreation to the masses. The tunnel now provides shade and shelter to those hot days of biking.

Railroad Tunnel, Newburyport, Massachusetts


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