A Tale of Two Classes

This is another set of photos which I have culled from my mother's photo albums. She had gathered together not only what were a few of her own class photos but had managed to get one of my father's class photos.

The top photo is my mother's 6th grade class at the Currier School in Newburyport, Massachusetts. She is in the middle row at center in the dark dress and a ribbon in her hair. I love the knickers and high socks the boys are wearing in the first row. This was shot in 1936.
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Photos: Doug Peabody
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In the bottom photo, shot in 1927, my father is on the right. His teacher's hand is on his left shoulder. He is 10 years old here and looks so shy. My mother had labeled that this is Mrs. Thompson at the Central School in Rowley, Massachusetts. She also labeled the names of two of his best friends and schoolmates. My father lived directly across the street from this location and would have been able to walk home for lunch. The uniform of the day seems to be the "sailor" style in which we have quite a few photos of my father.

My father wasn't the type to keep photos of himself even though he was an amateur photographer. I suspect my mother managed to wrangle a photo that might have been kept by my father's sister, my Auntie Bunt. My mother and my auntie were best of friends. I put together a "travel" series of a trip they both took in the 1980's.


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