Haunted Hotel

The Sepia Saturday prompt shows a grand hotel. This building is somewhat of a grand hotel. It's call the Garrison Inn named for the famed abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison. In was originally called the Brown Square Inn. In the basement is the Moses Brown Pub.

Brown Square Hotel, Newburyport, Massachusetts, postcard, ghost, garrison inn

This building has a lot of rich history attached to it. Sometimes with all that history there has to be a ghost or two attached to it. Apparitions have been known to hang out late at night sometimes showing themselves in a shadowy alcove of the pub.

The original owner of the hotel, Moses Brown, was said to be an eccentric himself. Originally a carriage maker and into real estate, he imported sugar and molasses and became one of the richest men in the city by making rum.

But ask a Newburyport native and you'll find that room 408 is said to be haunted by Sarah White Banister, the heir to the building’s original owner. Staff members have seen her there in the past. Recently in a nearby room, a woman staying there alone described talking with a little girl. Another occurrence caused the housekeeping staff alarm when they heard what they thought was rushing water from a third floor room. No guests were scheduled to be there, but inside they found the the television blaring static. Even now, the television can be heard turning on when guests and staff pass by the closed door in the hallway.

Brown Square Hotel, Newburyport, Massachusetts, postcard, ghost, garrison inn

So if a little girl haunts room 408 who is haunting the pub in the basement? Moses Brown himself?
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