Great Uncle Sam

In keeping with the Sepia Saturday prompt, pictured is the "thermometer" from a WWI Salem Red Cross Fund Drive. Uncle Sam is standing above the portal to the Boston & Maine Railroad tunnel that runs under Washington Street. Behind Uncle Sam is a switch tower archway to control the trains running on a single track under the city. In the background is the gothic style former passenger station. Trains would enter through the archway into a covered "shed" station. That station is since been demolished and has had three incarnations. The latest is an "intermodal" station with parking garage completed in 2015, is pictured below.

MBTA, Intermodal, Commuter Rail, Station, Salem, Massachusetts
Photo: Doug Peabody
Posted for Sepia Saturday a weekly blog based on a "prompt" traditionally using, but not necessarily sepia or older photos. Click here for more fine "sepia" blog posts.
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