Best Photos of 2015 (Three sets)

Winter Scenes
Winter,Scenes, Salem, Lynn, Massachusetts, tree, snow, sculpture, door, christmas, train , station, tunnel
Photos: Doug Peabody (click on collage to zoom in on any pics)
Top left clockwise: Snow Door - Salem; Shadow Sculpture - Lynn; Snow Train - MBTA Salem Station
Station Curves - MBTA Lynn; Snow Tunnel Sidewalk - Salem; Zoom Christmas - Bewitched Statue - Salem

Spring and Summer
Spring, Summer, Salem, Beverly, Massachusetts, fence, stickworks, flag, harbor, flowers, museum
Photos: Doug Peabody
Top left, clockwise; Juniper Harbor - Salem Willows; "Stickworks" Peabody Essex Museum - Salem
"Mr. Nobody" Exhibit - Peabody Essex Museum; Atrium - Peabody Essex Museum;
Tulip Bed - Longhill Estate - Beverly Reilly Plaza Flags - Salem; Narcissus - Long Hill Estate.

Sunrise - Sunset
Sunrise, Sunset, Salem, Beverly, Revere, Massachusetts, trees, water, station, silhouette
Photos: Doug Peabody
Top left clockwise: Danvers River - Beverly; Salem Willows Sunrise; North River - Salem;
Three Trees at Sunset - Salem Willows; MBTA Wonderland Station - Revere;
Angular Stairs - MBTA Wonderland Station - Revere
Photos are posted for Thursday Challenge which is a weekly thematic collaboration of photo bloggers. This week's and next week's challenge is "Best Photos of 2015." For many more photos on this theme click here for Thursday Challenge.
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