Family Names

The children you see below are of my father, on the right, and two of my aunts. The photo was taken in 1922. Their outfits are priceless especially my father's sailors uniform in vogue at the time.

Family names on my father's side have been used and reused in different forms throughout several generations. In the case of my Auntie Sis on the left, her name was Charlotte Verna, My grandfather's name, (her father) was Edward Vernon.

My Auntie Bunt's real name was Barbara Lauriet. Her middle name comes from the maiden name of her maternal grandmother. She has a two nieces that bear her names, my cousin Barbie, Charlotte's daughter, and my sister Laurie.

My father's name was Robert Bailey. His middle name comes from his mother's maiden name. He has a nephew, Barbara's son, that bears his name, Robert Bailey.

Charlotte Verna, Barbara Lauriet, Robert Bailey, Peabody, kids, children, sepia, photo
From left: Charlotte Verna - 1919, Barbara Lauriet - 1922, Robert Bailey - 1917

Two younger brothers not pictured here are Edward and Charles. Charles being the male derivative of Charlotte has a son by the name of Robert.

As for me, my first and middle name come from both of my grandfather's middle names, Douglas Vernon.

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